Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Few Photos

Tuesday I got out and did a couple of errands.  Also, Shauna came over to bring us dinner and meet Grady! 

Molly Anne made this artwork when I was in the hospital. I wish it hadn’t gotten wet, who knows how that happened!

Yesterday I did nothing and it was glorious.  Actually I made taco salads for dinner so that was productive.  Other than that Grady and I stayed on our schedule of feedings and chilled.  

A girl on a local Facebook group has a boy that’s a little older with the same initials and my friend Brannon tagged me in the post.  So she sold me a few little monogrammed things, including this!  How awesome is that?  She says she will have more for me sometime!  Christine did the blanket with the fish! ;)

Today I’ve got some stuff to do for Kevin. I’m all caught up on thank you notes so that feels good!  I also slept last night because Jen our night nurse was here so I feel like a new human today.  

Hope everyone has a nice Thursday!


  1. So cute! I would love to hear more about your night nurse. When does she come, does she stay awake the whole time, ext. My husband was able to share the night wake ups for our first but it might not work out that way for future babies so I'd love the info!

  2. My favorite days are the ones where I am home with little miss doing nothing but relaxing and staying on our schedule! Love all of his precious clothes and that cute blanket!

  3. I can read your work emails and see your full last name in that picture. Might want to edit it :). That's awesome you met someone with Grady's intials who has monogrammed stuff to pass down!

  4. Have you seen the lobster bow ties and hairbows on Willow Crowns. Instantly thought of you.