Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Big Sister Party

I've had several SWEET & THOUGHTFUL friends and girls at work that have offered to throw a sprinkle for me and I just keep saying no no no but thank you thank you thank you!  The most demanding has been my dear friend Sarah because let's be honest, she's the hostess with the mostest and she understands my stubbornness and does things anyway!  

We really didn't need a single thing for this new baby other than a new camera for our monitor, a pack or two of diapers ha and getting the car seat out of the 3rd floor.  Since we didn't know if Molly Anne was a boy or girl, I have some gender neutral clothes to get me through the first few days until Amazon Prime can get some more boy stuff to us if we end up needing that!

But Sarah thought of the cutest way to celebrate this new baby and that was to throw a little party for Molly Anne to celebrate being a big sister with her friends!

These girls are the sweetest and it was just perfect!

These two have literally grown up together.  

Molly Anne has the nicest friends!  And obviously I love their Mamas who are my sweet friends!

April and I are 2.5 weeks apart!  It's been fun being pregnant with her this time around except I can barely chase one child around and that's only at nights and on weekends.  She chases two around every day all day!

The prettiest details!

All the little girls chose chocolate cake and when we asked each one if I was having a boy or girl, they all said girl! 

Girls girls girls!

Poor Mary Scott but this is one for the baby books!  These girlies all have so much fun together!

Thank you friends for a fun afternoon celebrating Molly Anne becoming a big sis!  This morning when I went in to get her, she said, "I can't wait to see my sister!"  I about melted on the floor!  Some days she says it's a brother and some days a sister so hopefully my little mama be thrilled either way!


  1. This is seriously the cutest idea ever!! I love how it celebrates you, MA and baby to be! What a dear friend to organize all of this for you!

  2. So sweet! Neighbors threw a party for my older siblings when they took care of them when I was born. They even made a cake for my birthday to celebrate. I think it helped my siblings warm up to the idea that I had arrived.

  3. Such a cute idea! I still think it's a boy...