Monday, May 7, 2018

Last Weekend as 3!

These first couple pictures are from last week!  

Molly Anne loves doing play doh and sand outside and I do too because of the clean up!

This dog is part human.

Friday morning getting her lipstick/chapstick on to go to Ms. Beckys!  

I gave my niece this Lilly dress when she was Molly Anne's age (now she is 10!).  It's part of the Lilly Jubilee collection...anyone remember those days?!

Fridays are when they cut our grass and I love coming home to how pretty it is!

Our next door neighbors asked us over for dinner on Friday night so I grabbed some fruit salad and pasta salad on my way home.  They had gotten the most delicious steak and chicken from the Butcher Shop.  Usually Friday nights we play in the back yard so it's super easy to walk through the gate for dinner and the girls run wild and we hang out.  EASY and fun!

It creates this....!!!

Saturday morning after soccer, we took Molly Anne to the mall to get her some new shoes for this summer.  I hadn't had her measured in a long time but she still hadn't grown...still a 6.5.  Small foot!  Molly Anne really wanted Natives so the lady suggested to go down a size in those.  They just don't work for her's too chunky she said!  

So back to the ole trusty Mini Melissa's that she lived in all of last summer, this time in a size 7.  They are the best shoes and hold up so well!  

She slept over three hours that afternoon then we headed to dinner at Firebirds which is the same place we went right before Molly Anne was born!  Molly Anne was an angel at dinner thankfully!  Getting a booth these days is the deal, she's wayyyy over the high chair and has been for a long time.  

This year....

Three years ago - pre Molly Anne

We walked over to the fountains and Kevin got her some change to throw in there.  

She lined it all up and sorted it.  She may have my engineer disease. 

Then our friends showed up and we hadn't planned that!  The perfect surprise!

Put Molly Anne to bed and Drew and Hilary came over to hang on the back porch.  I swear, we have found Kevin's twin...his name is Drew and he lives next door.  Thankfully Hilary and I can put up with them...sometimes!!!  Haha.  

Sunday we had a super lazy day.  We went and got Dunkin that morning and then I ran to Target by myself to a few things.  Molly Anne stayed in her pajamas until after her nap...another 3 hour one!  We did a lot of playing with make up (girlfriend is obsessed), puzzles and hanging out.  

We ordered pizza and ate on the porch while we watched the golf tournament that was happening in Charlotte!  

This week our world changes!  Can't wait to know if it's with a boy or a girl!  What's your guess?!!


  1. Try the Miles style in the Natives. They're made wider and my son loves those and he can't do the Jefferson at all.

  2. Can't believe the baby is coming this week! So exciting!
    And that fact that Kevin's "twin" lives next store is pretty funny...

  3. Can’t wait to find out! We will be thinking of you guys!!! Xo

  4. I think Molly Anne will have a baby brother. I bet she will be a great big sister. I love the clothes you buy for her.

  5. So excited for you all! What a perfect little weekend as a family of three! Thinking of you and hoping the delivery goes well!

  6. Such cute pictures! I'm guessing another girl.

  7. So excited for you all to become a family of 4. Praying for a safe and speedy delivery this week. I'm guessing a little boy. :)

  8. Conner sits in booths now, too. So done with the high chair!

    Conner LIVES in his Natives. Lord, we have so many colors, and have gone through so many already. Maybe her foot will "slim down" soon. Ha! But those gold Mini Mels are PRECIOUS!!!!!!!

    WAIT - I've heard WAL MART of all places has FAUX Natives! So you might want to check that brand out to see if they fit her foot better - all of the moms here in Columbia are going nuts for them. They're maybe $5? $10? I can't remember. Regardless, MUCH less than the $25 - $35 Natives!