Thursday, May 17, 2018

Grady's Birth Story

While it's fresh on my mind, I wanted to write down Grady's birth story!

I'm so glad we didn't know the gender ahead of time because at 35 weeks I learned I was going to be having a c-section due to a low lying placenta.  So since the actual date would be picked for his birthday, it was fun having the gender still be a surprise!  

It was scheduled for 12:30pm on May 9th and we had to be there by 10:30am.  Kevin took Molly Anne to Becky's then came home and we got ready to go and were out the door.  My parents and Kevin's parents came to the hospital around 11am to wait wait and wait.  

My doctor told me I couldn't eat or drink 4-6 hours prior to 12:30pm.  Well when I got to the hospital and they started asking me a million questions, I told them I had eaten at 8:15am.  Well that wasn't going to work because the minimum was 6 hours.  UGH.  So it got pushed to 2:30pm!  I sent Kevin to eat with our parents and I surfed Instagram and hung out.  

Around 2pm we started getting more ready and Kevin got suited up.  My nurse Faye was SO kind and we ended up knowing some of the same people.  She knew our old next door neighbors, small world!  I walked (literally) down and into OR #3 and sat right on the table!  At this point, Kevin was out of the room and they'd bring him in after I got comfortable.  

They gave me the spinal block which was not a big deal at all and barely hurt.  But then I laid down and felt horrifically horrible.  Basically I did not react well to the anesthesia.  I got more comfortable thanks to zofran and a lot of other stuff they gave me.  Then my blood pressure dropped significantly and baby's heart rate was in the 60's and dipping into the 50's.  At one point they couldn't find him. 

What started as a regular c-section became an emergency and before I knew it, there were a million doctors and nurses in that room and they called for peds and that really scared me.  They gave me medicine to make my blood pressure go back up and the doctor immediately cut me and Grady was born two minutes later.  Two minutes.  Kevin came into the room between me being cut and Grady being born.  It was that fast.  I remember asking, "where's Kevin?!!!"  But then he appeared.  Grady was born at 2:57pm on 05/09/18.  Doctor showed him to us over the curtain and announced, "it's a boy!"  Kevin exclaimed is disbelief, "it's a boy?!!"  The plan was for Kevin to tell me what gender the baby was but after the "stat" c-section, it didn't matter!  Health mattered more ha!  And yes, I think we were both completely shocked that it was a boy!  

The next 25 minutes just happened and I had no clue what was going below the curtain nor did I care.  Ha!  I obviously couldn't feel a thing.  Kevin took pictures, cut the cord off of Grady and kept going back and forth from them checking him out to me.  Grady didn't need the pediatrician's thankfully and was in perfect health!  

Kevin, Grady and I went to recovery which was a private room and so perfect.  I had imagined a huge recovery area with others but this was just us and our nurse and that was awesome.  It took me two hours to get my act together...anesthesia and I don't get along, and it doesn't get along with my Mom either so this wasn't a huge surprise.  Kevin had gone out to the waiting room to tell our parents that it was a boy!  We didn't get to see them and they didn't get to see Grady until I was in a regular room.  

In the meantime, Kevin's parents went to get Molly Anne from Becky's so she was with them when they all came into the room.  It wasn't exactly planned that way but things don't always go the way you have them planned!  It worked out though and was fine.  

That's about it!  We are just so excited to have little Grady.  He is perfect!  

Born: Wednesday, May 9, 2018, 2:57pm
Weight:  6 pounds, 15 ounces, left the hospital at 6 pounds 8 ounces
Length:  20.5"


  1. So happy for y’all. Glad they were able to get him out safe and sound!! Can’t wait to meet him next time I’m in charlotte!

  2. What always amazes me is the way things can so quickly turn, thankful that y'all are safe and healthy!!! Congratulations again!!!! Oh and yes Charlotte is a very small world to be so big!

  3. I'm sorry the anestesia didn't go well but so happy for you and your precious boy!!