Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Our Weekend

On Thursday my friend Regina stopped by to meet Grady!

Nothing better!

Thursday after work. 

I love when he tilts his head back and hangs out!

Friday and ready for Ms. Becky’s!

We went out for dinner Friday night at The Liberty near our house. 

Saturday morning we played and played. Did an alphabet puzzle that Aunt Emily brought her last weekend!

Kevin had a couple buddies over before they went to a concert that night.  

I solo patented these two for the second time last week during bedtime by myself. During a thunderstorm. It was really thrilling let me tell ya!  No better way to learn ha!  It wasn’t bad honestly but it was a little crazy dealing with Mills acting like a nut and getting in Molly Anne’s bed with her!

Sunday morning help feeding Grady!

Molly Anne and I went to the pool after nap with Emme!

Emme has the best pool toys!

Margot and TJ took care of Molly Anne since I can’t get in the deep water for another month.  So nice!

My friend Lauren brought us the best dinner - chicken pie and mashed potatoes from Reid’s and the most fantastic green beans that she made!

My friend Hilary came over for a spur of the moment glass of wine on Sunday night.  Grady hung with us!

Monday the cleaning ladies unexpectedly showed up.  Anyway, we got out of the house and went to breakfast at Big View Diner for something different.  We stopped by Target and cruised through the express lane at Teeter for groceries on the way home.  

“Mama look how strong I am!”

After nap we got dressed and went to Kevin’s parents for dinner!  The kiddos wore their red white and blue for Memorial Day!  Remembering those that gave all for our freedom!

Molly Anne played peekaboo with Uncle Tick!

Here’s to a new week!  Blogging from my phone so sorry this is short and sweet with a lot of pics!


  1. How's recovery going? Think you should do a post comparing a c-section to a "regular" birth.

  2. I love that picture of your husband with Brady and Molly Anne; so precious! It looks like a fun Memorial Day weekend!

  3. He is precious! I love seeing all the pictures of him, MA and Mills!