Monday, May 21, 2018

Catch Up Post

Whew this is a long post of pictures and kinda wraps up this past week!  My parents, brother and SIL were here this weekend (well Mom has been here since Grady was born) and they all left yesterday.  I ain't gonna lie, yesterday was hard.  Last week was hard.  I know it will get better but I've been all out of whack.  I need to get my world back together as best I can.  And I hope getting Molly Anne to Becky's and sorta getting on more of a schedule it'll help.  I only left the house twice in 8 days to go to the pediatrician and that's enough to drive you nuts.  I drove for the first time to soccer on Saturday but I'm really not supposed to drive until Wednesday.  I know I need to take it easy this week because I'm physically still recovering and yada yada but mentally I need to get out!  

My Mom is a saint and I would not have survived these last 12 days without her.  I haven't washed a single bottle, she cleaned our house, she took care of Mills, she did a million loads of laundry, she entertained Molly Anne, she cooked dinner, she did EVERYTHING.  I am incredibly thankful.  And I will stop typing about this before I start crying while I type.  

Last Tuesday my friend Fran dropped by for a few minutes with dinner and we got to get a picture of these two cute babies born 3 weeks and 1 day apart!  Ellie and Grady

Fran, Ellie and Mills.

I look horrific but I'm still glad Fran made us take this picture!

He had his first bath last Tuesday the 15th at home!  In the kitchen sink!

On Wednesday I dressed them up to get a decent picture of the two of them.  Kathryn was here and video'd the chaos it took to get this picture!

But so worth it!

Mom brought some goodies for Molly Anne and she has loved doing things on the alphabet activity pad with the fancy pens and reading her new book!  The bunny is a card that one of Mom's friends took a picture of and Molly Anne LOVES bunnies!  

We have been so spoiled by friends bringing meals, gifts and sending me the sweetest texts checking in on us.  I'm just so thankful for my friends!  

On Saturday Molly Anne had her last soccer session of this season so Mom and I took them both out there.  Kevin had to be at his office for something he couldn't miss.  

Grady watching Molly Anne - his first time of many on the ball field.

Scoring her last goal!

"I did it Mama!!!!"

Coach Shana - Molly Anne loves her!

Saturday midday my brother, SIL and nieces arrived!  We were so happy for them to be here!  My Dad also left Maryland at 3:55am to get back here by the time my brother's crew arrived.  He's crazy and drove straight through.  Got here about 11:45am!  

My brother and SIL took the three girls to the neighborhood pool which opened this weekend!  

They also made us all dinner which was such a treat.  We all got to be together which doesn't happen often so we always treasure the times it does!  

Everyone wanted to hold our best little buddy!


Molly Anne had the time of her life and it was good for her to have them here! She needed the excitement for sure!

Everyone left midday yesterday so then it became reality - it is just the four of us now!  We headed out for dinner at Chuy's which is where we went after Molly Anne was born for our first outing!  

I ordered lots of pictures from  Anyone else get pictures printed from there?  I got all of our wedding album printed from there too!

And he thinks he is going to hold his bottle at 11 days old! ;)

Hope everyone has a great week!  Thank you all for all of your kind words!  xo  


  1. So glad you got to have a house full of love for so long. Those first few weeks are hard when you are landlocked. Hopefully the weather will agree with you guys and you can get some fresh air. At my 2week check up I was cleared to pretty much resume normal life, exercise, etc So hopefully in a few days you’ll get the same and start really feeling back to yourself.

  2. Your parents must have been in heaven with both their kids and grandparents in one place. My mom and your mom seem to be very similar! Helping in anyway they can, you don't even have to ask. Lucky girls!

  3. I’m so glad you could be with your family and that you’ve been surrounded by so much love and support! I’m sure this week will be better as MA goes to Ms. Becky’s and you settle into a newborn routine.

  4. Him holding the bottle! Ha! Love it!

    So funny that you mentioned mpix. We just had some professional pictures made (we have them made every year around Conner's birthday, and in November for our Christmas card), and one of the sites our photog recommends is mpix! Heading there now!