Thursday, May 24, 2018

This Week

Monday was our first day just the two of us!  Molly Anne will continue at Beckys this summer.  Anyway, on Monday I stayed in park as I really haven’t felt 100% and technically I wasn’t supposed to drive until yesterday.  I had plenty to do around the house though. Lots of laundry and getting things in order.  My friend Margot dropped dinner off and it was a much needed low key day!

Grady laying on the blanket that my brother and SIL gave him!  It’s Kissy Kissy and precious.  

I did go pick up Molly Anne from Becky’s that day and it was nice to get out and feel semi back to normal.  

Tuesday my friend Ashley brought me Starbucks and came to visit. We talked and talked for the longest time and it was much needed!  

Lots of outfits changes happening here these days. Consequently a lot of laundry too!  

My parent’s neighbors sent us this adorable elephant!  I took this picture to text and thank them informally!  I’ve done most of my thank you notes to this point but I’m about 6 behind right now.  On my list to do..!

Kevin grabbed Molly Anne for me on Tuesday so we got some time on the porch listening to music.  Grady fell right asleep!

I’m savoring every moment of these newborn snuggles.  I do not want to put him down.  I think it’s because I know it’s the last time I will have this!  I’m just not stressed this time about silly stuff so I’m enjoying every one of these moments!  

Yesterday Grady and I went to the mall because I had some stuff to return that I had bought.  I got some new shorts that I’ll share tomorrow.  He was such a good boy and slept the whole time.  I fed him in a nice sitting area on the second floor of Nordstrom and not in the mother’s lounge.  I had seen another mom there an hour earlier and I stole her idea!  

We also headed to Swoozies so i could order his baby book which will match Molly Anne’s. I will share when it arrives in 4-6 weeks!

Mom and Dad don’t miss a detail and they had the blue bow up the day he was born.  Also they had their neighbor put one on their mailbox at home. Such a fun way to celebrate and kinda announce too.  I had this one from before Molly Anne was born but I think Mom had them made at Michaels.  

Wow it seems like the posts these days are all about Grady but I'm glad to be documenting our first days with him!  Molly Anne overall is doing okay.  She's back at Becky's this week which has been the best thing for her.  Monday she had sorta a rough day there and wasn't nice to some of her friends.  We had a talk about it and she was such a good girl Tuesday and Wednesday.  I think her world has been turned upside down and it's just causing her to not be herself.  She knows better for sure!  This too shall pass but for now, it makes me sad.  I know that having a sibling is a wonderful thing for her but time is what it will take.  We have been intentional with our moments with her and doing all of those things but my Dad said it best - the fact is, I will never be able to give her the same amount of time I did before Grady was born.  It's just the way it is.  Ugh....  But yes, she does love him, talks about him all of the time and kisses him constantly!  

That’s this week so far!  


  1. Grady is precious. Enjoy it.

  2. The life lesson that the world does not revolve around you is a tough one to take, but it will serve her well. It does take time and when she finally has a little buddy to play with (aka boss around lol) she’ll be in hog heaven!


  3. Big sister is handling this like a champ 🏆. This is exactly how it goes when a new babe arrives.

    Haha. I see Mr. Mills standing guard at the gate!