Friday, May 4, 2018

Bunco, Diapers and Wipes!

On Wednesday night I hosted Bunco and this boy was tired before it even began!  I walked in from work and found him like this.  I started rubbing his ears and he fell off the couch he was so relaxed ha!

I took it easy on the appetizers because I'm so toast and barely alive at the end of every day right now.  I just did a meat and cheese tray, some soft baked cookies and this asian appetizer which is always a hit and super easy.  

The girls all arrived and surprised Michelle and I with tons of diapers and wipes for our new babies due within 3 days of each other!  How fun is that?  She and I are in the middle in the below picture  with April and Mindy as well!  

Another funny, when Michelle had her first baby (a month before Molly Anne was born, to the day), I had been sent to the hospital from my 36 week appointment and saw her at the hospital!  Well, I think I only saw her husband and parents in the hallway but isn't that crazy?  Now we are due within three days of each other (I'm having mine two weeks early) but it would be nice to see her in the hospital this time too (and I know she'd be glad!)!  

I am so thankful for such thoughtful girlfriends/mom friends!  Wouldn't be able to do life without them!  

The next morning when we went downstairs, Molly Anne said, "ohhhh Mama, wowwwww" and checked everything out!  It was adorable!  I think she definitely knows what's coming soon and very soon!

Thank you again friends for such a special surprise!

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  1. Aww! What a sweet surprise from your girlfriends! The big day is coming up!!!