Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Our Coming Home Day

On Friday morning, Molly Anne and Grady Facetimed for the first time!  

He is just sooooo sweet. 

My parents brought Molly Anne to the hospital to see Grady before we got discharged.  A funny little story - they took her to the hospital gift shop to get an It's a Boy balloon.  Well someone had to have the pink balloon too so people in the elevator on the way up thought twins were born!  

Grady gave Molly Anne a flamingo that she had wanted and she is still obsessed!  I also got her this Mingo the Flamingo book to go with it.  Initially I wasn't going to do the gift thing from one to another but Molly Anne thought this was really special so I'm glad I did it.  

Thanking him! ;)

Nannie and Poppa!

We really had the very best nurses.  Faye that was with me all day on the first day was amazing and kept me straight during my first surgery ever which I must admit that I was a tad nervous about.  I had a gal named Carey that night and she was so sweet and I swear those girls are saints that take care of you and all aspects of you in your most vulnerable times!  And Amy, oh Amy!  She was Molly Anne's nurse when she was born and we kept in touch.  Fortunately she was able to be my nurse all day Thursday and Friday!  I love Amy beyond!  I also had a really experienced nurse Robin on Thursday night who took care of Grady and I.  Kevin stayed the first night with me but I sent him home for Thursday night.  Robin was extremely helpful and took Grady for 4 hours so I could sleep!  Actually Carey did the same for me the first night too.  This is Amy!

All dressed and ready to go home in the same Kissy Kissy outfit that Molly Anne wore.  It's the all white convertible gown and snaps so it works in the car seat too.  

Meeting Mills! 

He is so excited for another baby!  

This is the first grandson for my parents so Poppa was extra excited to get Grady his first tool kit!  

Because yall know I'm obsessed! 

The special cradle that Poppa made!  

Here is Mills watching Molly Anne when she first got home!

He is the sweetest.  

Ms. Becky came over that night to meet Grady and Molly Anne was sooooooo excited to show her her brother, house and bedroom!

All swaddled and ready for his first night at home and in his crib!  He's done so well sleeping and eating, we're so happy!

More to come from this past weekend and yesterday!  Picture overload but I want to keep up with these special days!  


  1. Congrats! What a beautiful family! I am so impressed. Also, your house looks amazing! #jealous

  2. Congratulations!! He is just precious and Molly Anne looks like such a proud big sister! You look fabulous!

  3. He really is so cute! And in that one picture, I wasn't sure if you were talking about Kevin or Mills being excited for a new baby ;) Will be go to Ms. Becky's too?

  4. So cute - especially the way Mills watches over them! Miss Becky looks like a sweetheart and MA clearly adores her.

  5. The way Mills is, oh my goodness!!! What an amazing, amazing protector!!! So glad to hear y'all are home and everything is going well!

  6. Love the sweet photos!! He is just the cutest- Those cheeks! Soak up these days & rest, recover well, Mama ;)

  7. Oh my goodness, what gorgeous pictures! Love Mills lovin' on those babies!

  8. MAM!!!!! HOW IN THE WORLD did you have a baby - via c-section, no less - and walk out of the hospital looking like a FOX!!!! MY goodness! You are a super(hot)mom!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. You look AMAZING!

    And Grady! Oh my goodness. Those sweet checks!

    And Mills! He is SO in love, too!

    So thrilled for y'all!

  9. Congratulations on the birth of your son!!!! 💙💙💙 Also love the repping of the White Marlin tee!