Friday, May 18, 2018

Grady’s Clothes

Here are some of Grady's clothes that I've bought so far...all of these were ordered from my hospital bed!

I ordered these from a couple different Instagram places that also have websites - Cecil and Lou and Dressie Jessie Smocking.

These are all from my place in Raleigh where I get so much - Shutterbugs.  I always call Michelle and she helps me with some things that aren't always on the website.  Tell her I say hi if you talk to her!  

Kissy Kissy gowns are essential to life.  These are from Shutterbugs but you can find them on Amazon too.  (Elephants, Dots, Stripes)

Grady in his elephant gown!  

This is the white convertible gown with the blue trim.  I buy this for every new baby I think!  Usually I put the boy's initials in navy on the left side (if I know them) and it's a cute and personalized gift.  

This is the sweetest little Kissy Kissy footie!  I just rolled the sleeves up for now and he can grow into it.  I think blue looks really good on him! ;)

Christine did the cutest monogrammed things for Grady!  Ahhh I love them!  Boy things are definitely different than girls!  I only know girl stuff!  I have a lot to learn from you boy mamas!  Onesies in a couple different sizes in the top left corner, then the bibs.  The third column are burp clothes and the right fish is a blanket!  


  1. One word. Bubbles!!! Put him in as many bubbles as humanly possible. Boys only can wear them for so little time that mine lived in them. I’m even squeezing grahammy in them this summer! Everything is so sweet that you’ve gotten.

  2. Oh my goodness! These are so precious! I actually think boys’ clothes are really cute, and everything you’ve picked is perfect!

  3. OMG, adorable! Now we need to finalize our boy name so I can have lovely Christine to help me with some sweet little items!

  4. Such cute stuff! I say dress boys like babies as often as you can because they outgrow baby stuff a lot sooner than girls do. I've always loved Beaufort Bonnet Company and Feltman Brothers for Oliver. Their stuff is timeless and classy.

  5. Get him in the bubbles and Jon Jon's while you can! The window is SO short, especially for the bubbles! I really love the rompers from Hanna Andersson for little boys too.

  6. Love this post! You chose such cute boy items!! We're not finding out either & it is so hard to how to prepare clothes wise... Teach me ;)

  7. STOP! I love everything, and miss those sweet clothes so much! Conner lived in Kissy Kissy convertible gowns, too. The best! Oh, my love for jon jons is never-ending. Enjoy!

  8. Can you share Christine's contact information?