Thursday, May 3, 2018


I worked from home on Tuesday and I could not get this boy to come in from the porch!  He just loves laying out there, feeling the breeze and chilling on the cold slate!

He is just SO tired these days.  What on earth will this boy do with two babies in his house?!  Where will he sleep?  What will he do?  How white will his face get?


We love him dearly!  And I know he will think he's the parent of this new baby!  That's how he felt when Molly Anne was born and he still does feel that way about her!  


  1. I wonder if MA will always be his favorite or if he will be with the new baby just as much? And what do you do about bugs with the huge open door???

  2. The sweetest little face! I can't even. Love him!