Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Catch Up

It is very weird having an exact day and time you’re giving birth!  It makes the days leading up to it treasured, busy and a sorta countdown.  It’s a countdown to meeting your new family member but it’s also a countdown to our world changing and Molly Anne not being our only baby anymore!  I know she’s going to be the sweetest big sister and she’s such a little Mama already but still!  Her world is about to change y’all!  It will be so special having her meet 2.0!  

And now that we have this exact date, I’m even more glad that we didn’t find out the gender.  It’s making things so exciting!  Yes we have a girl name and boy name although Kevin doubted the boy name the other day haha and was back to what we were going to name Molly Anne if she was a boy!  So who knows!  Christine has monogrammed a couple little things of each name!  She has all the secrets ha!!  

I will post when I can to let you all know about our new addition!!!

In other news, imagine a 1,000 week pregnant lady cleaning up from Millsy being sick. Poor buddy I just felt so badly for him on Monday.  He’s on the mend and Zerorez hooked me up by coming in less than 24 hours to clean the carpets. My friend Kathryn recommended them and they were wonderful and very reasonable!  

This is Tuesday morning about 6:45am taking him to the vet with his head out the sunroof.  They did an X-ray and found no obvious blockages.  Honestly I wouldn’t have normally taken him at this point and I would have let him ride it out but I didn’t really have time to wait if there was something in him.  I needed to know given our situation this week!  But, last night he’s so much better and I’m so glad!  I don’t like it when my buddy is sick!

Molly Anne, Mom and I had a special little photo shoot done yesterday afternoon and I cannot wait to share those pictures.  Incredibly special.  

Yes, Nannie and Poppa arrived and brought a million things to us, of course!  Rainbow Dash is a huge highlight in Molly Anne’s world!!  She about lost her mind when they gave that to her!

Last time they were here, we moved.  Our house was in disarray and chaos.   So we are glad they’re back for a little calmness and hanging out.  Well except the baby part ha but we are all very excited!  


  1. So exciting! I'm glad Mills is on the mend, poor guy.

  2. Sending well wishes your way and I can’t wait until your little one is here! I am also glad your parents are in town and Mills is feeling better!! He’s really going to be busy soon!!

  3. Poor Mills, I'm so glad he's feeling better! Cant wait to see pics of baby 2.0, thinking of you!

  4. Congrats!! Our children meeting for the first time was the sweetest sight.... i will never forget that. Hope Mills recovers right quick. Enjoy the last few days!!

  5. I'm glad Mills is on the mend! I'm excited for your growing family!