Tuesday, May 1, 2018

House Update - Last Lights!

Thank you all for your help with the last three lights that we needed in our house...we discussed in this post!

This is what we decided and the electrician hung them last week!

Powder room - went with this one!  Glad I didn't get anything bigger because this barely fit beside the speaker!  

It creates beautiful shadows in this room!

Bar area - went with this one.  I love the mercury glass!  Kevin says it looks like a disco ball but I wasn't cleaning clear glass which is a dust nightmare so this was a good option.  Plus it has a little character!  When I ordered it a few months ago, they had a polished nickel option for the part at the top so that's what we got to match the rest of the kitchen and bar hardware.  

Dressing area - my favorite light and I'm so glad they came out with a flushmount in it because I loved the regular light but it physically couldn't be hung where we wanted it.  But this seaglass is truly stunning and a special piece.  I love looking at it every day where I get ready! 

Check it out....so pretty!

So that's all the lights for our house.  Lots of decisions for lighting in a house.  I'm done and over it ha!  

We just have a few more punchlist items and I hope that wraps things up.  Tired of people being here!  


  1. The choices become SO overwhelming but I love what you went with - the mercury glass is really cool (especially on)

  2. That Dressing Area light is AMAZING!!!!!!

  3. Ohh! They are all so pretty, and yay for being done with that project!

  4. Love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!!!!!!!!!