Monday, April 30, 2018

Greer’s Birthday and Nicole’s Wedding

We had a busy weekend but so much fun!

Friday after work we waited for Kevin to get home and someone had to sit just like Mama!  

We went next door to celebrate Greer's 2nd birthday!  It was adorable!

Molly Anne with the birthday girl!  Cannot believe she is two!

With Emme!

We loved celebrating sweet Greer!

These girls jumped their hearts out!  


Saturday afternoon Kathryn came over and kept Molly Anne so we could go to a wedding!  We were actually invited to two weddings on Saturday - one in town and one in Charleston.  We couldn't travel to Charleston because of baby 2.0 but I'm still glad we got to go to the one in town.  It was for one of my old co-workers that I've known for a long time!  

The Separk Mansion in Gastonia was gorgeous and it was the perfect day for a wedding!  Sunny and 70 degrees!  

They did a balloon release as they were announced into the reception which was super cool.  

Her dress was truly amazing and gorgeous!  The venue was awesome.  

Nicole and Julian were so happy!

The band - Power 2 Party was sooo good.  I think there were 5 lead singers and 12 of them total!

The girls from work!

Spelling out our company initials haha!  

Kev and I.  I wore a plain black Old Navy ponte knit sleeveless shift dress that they don't have anymore, these shoes (I've literally had these for years and they still carry them - classics) and these super reasonable earrings (in Mint)!  My wrap is from a boutique that I got a long time ago.  

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  1. So obsessed with her dress!
    Looks like a great weekend. So lucky to have little girls next door to you all.

  2. The wedding looks gorgeous and what a fun time! I also love how the girls at the bday party are all wearing Lilly. So cute!