Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Molly Anne-isms

Today Molly Anne is 2.75 years old!  Thought it'd be fun to jot a few things down about her!

She's probably about 37" tall and is 32 pounds with clothes on.  She's wearing some 2T but I bought all 3T for summer.  All 3T pajamas because I like buying them big so she gets more use out of them.  Size 6 or 7 shoes.  

If I do something for her but it takes me an extra second she says, “Mama you just tried tried tried" in this precious voice!

She says, “I love you too” if you tell her you love her and sometimes she says it first which just melts me into a million pieces.   

Out of nowhere the other day, she said, “we just turned left” after we did.  Then I asked her, “ok now which way into Ms. Becky’s neighborhood?”  “Right!”  How does she know this?!

"Mama we are gonna go downstairs and get milk ok?  Then watch Mickey ok?"  She’s into “ok” lately. Ok. 

Still wants to be rocked at night so yep we moved the rocker back in her room about a few weeks ago. 

Loves Pinkalicious and Mickey!  Loves to read as many books as you'll read her at night.  She has the Hungry Caterpillar literally memorized.  

Every night since she’s been in her big girl bed, she wants me to stay in there for “oneeeee more minute!”  So now we use that time to count to 60 together and she’s doing so well with that. At the end she says, “that’s for 60 seconds in one minute!”  

She calls Kevin’s car his sequoia.  She calls mine my fancy new car (even though it isn't new!).  Don’t even ask me why a 2 year old calls his car a sequoia except that’s what it is and she knows we got a new sequoia.  We don’t hide much from her!

She sleeps with her blankys cousin, blanky and pillow every night. Those are her required items in bed!  

She knows that one pedal in the car is to accelerate and one is to brake. So now she asks if I’m braking when I slow down. Sometimes I think I talk to her about random things too much.  

She wants to know how EVERYTHING works and why things are how they are.  

One her favorite things to do is to bring me Mills’ food bowl every morning and evening to feed him.  She loves helping.  If I send her upstairs to get me something she will go get it and come right back down.  So nice!  I need to use this little habit more often!

She’s close to being able to dress and undress herself.  She's done it a couple times depending on what it is she's putting on.  

She’s so into makeup!  She wants to do makeup every morning!

She says, "oh thank you" to most things if someone does something for her.  She also says, "yes" now instead of yeah.  And "yes mama?" instead of huh mama?

We think she's pretty perfect! ;)

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  1. Yay for her sweet manners! I love how you teach her about how the car works and count the seconds for a minute. I'm totally doing that because SC's favorite phrase is "just one more minute"!