Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Sunday

The Easter bunny found us at our new house!  

He always comes to see Mills too, of course!

Easter morning she was so excited to see if he had come and what he brought her!

She was soooooo excited about everything!  

"Mama, I have a ring now just like yours!"

She gave Mills his basket!

We lounged around all morning then got ready for Easter brunch with Kevin's parents and brother.  

I took some pictures out front of my girl.  

We got to their club and she ran up to see the EB!

I think she got the EB thing figured out after she found out he was going to bring her presents and then that he actually followed through! 

She didn't eat much off the buffet but when dessert time came, she didn't have a problem with that!  She ate off Kevin's and my plate.  Hey, ya only live once!

Family picture!

With her Nana and PapaG.

Uncle Joe is funny!

We wrapped up our Easter Sunday by going next door and playing with Maggie and Greer for a few hours in the nice warm weather!  The girls played hard and Molly Anne was asleep for the night by 6:45pm!  

Hope everyone had a nice Easter with their family and/or friends!  When Molly Anne was saying her good night prayers she said, "and thank you for my mommy and my daddy and my Nannie and my Poppa."  It was cute.  I called and told them after she was in bed and they about melted!

Bring on Summer and the warm weather!


  1. I love MA's sweet Easter dress. So darling! Glad you guys had a fun Easter weekend

  2. Those pictures of her in her Easter dress are so perfect. Love the name Greer, it's on my list. My great Grandmother's last name was Grier, it's my Aunt's name and my sister middle name.

  3. So sweet! She is as darling as she can be!