Monday, April 9, 2018


Well we didn't have any huge plans this weekend and honestly that was really nice!  

Friday night we went to Basil for our anniversary!  We even took Molly Anne which yall know we don't take her out to nice restaurants very often.  But we went at 5pm and hoped for the best.  Well, it ended up being the second time ever that we have had to take her out of the restaurant to have a little chat.  But she came back in and was as quiet as can be.  She was being too loud and I'm sure we were the only ones that thought that but I'm OCD about her behavior in restaurants.  There is no standing in booths, there is no loudness, there is no climbing around, there is no iPad or phone.  She needs to learn how to have manners in a restaurant and color and do her thing.  Anyway, she was an angel after Kevin talked to her so I'll call it a learning experience and a win at the same time! ;)

Kevin surprised me Friday morning with a piece of wood that he had saved from when our house was built...which I do think it'll be fun to do something with this, we'll see!  And in that card are VIP/pit tickets to the Luke Bryan concert!  Ahhhhhhhh!!!!  I'm so excited!  We weren't doing gifts so this shocked me!  And of course I didn't get him anything but he didn't care.

Soooooooooo tired.  And of course in her bathroom, perfectly square on the rug! 

Saturday morning I went and got my hair cut and the rest of the day we just lounged around.  It was rainy and gross outside so soccer was canceled too.  A good inside day!  Molly Anne took a long nap (thankfully I think the one nap a weekend strike may be over).  That night we went to a new bbq spot that opened.  We had been to the one in Pawleys and we're so glad there is one nearby now.  

Sunday was lazy too.  I didn't leave the house.  Kevin took Molly Anne to ride through the car wash with him and she loved that.  

He also took her for a ride in the jeep and pink bunny and unicorn went with them of course!  She is obsessed with that jeep.  He keeps talking about maybe selling it but now she's into it so he'll never be able to!  

After nap Popsicle.  Why would Mills move to his spot on the other sofa when we were sitting on this one?  Little bubba.  

We ended the weekend grilling a steak and having a good dinner!  This week is going to be my first normal week in awhile so I'm looking forward to being home and around more!  

Happy Monday!


  1. I think going to the restaurant at 5 was a great idea, I agree with you about the no standing in booths, no phone, no iPad. It is possible! That is going to be an awesome concert, so fun!!!

  2. I think it's great you are teaching her to behave, without an iPad or cellphone. I know as a parent it must be super hard not to fall back on something that you know will keep them quite and still, but at the same time, the negative is them not being engaged with others at the table. Sounds like a relaxing weekend!

  3. Amen to Molly’s comment above, so great to hear you guys are iPad free while eating out. Really refreshing to hear :)

  4. The wood gift is so sweet! I love sentimental gifts. It would be cool made into a bottle opener and stick on your back porch. I bet someone could brand it with y’alls last name or wedding date. Just an idea!

  5. how sweet that kevin saved a piece of wood, you can def do something cool with that! MA is looking so growny lately!!