Friday, April 13, 2018

Five on Friday - Lacrosse, Travel Bag, Porch, Mills Haircut

The afternoons have been so nice here this week so we took advantage and played outside before dinner!  She is loving playing with her "sticks!"  I hope she plays lacrosse - I loved it when I was in high school and college!  She knows how to pick up a ground ball and to throw.  We are working on the hand eye coordination for catching!  She wants to play all of the time and I'm secretly LOVING that!

I was telling my friend Sarah that I keep a gallon size baggie packed for traveling and I never remove any of it.  Make up wipes, deodorant, face lotion, travel size perfumes by Tocca, toothpaste, qtips and a toothbrush.  You can see I have the liquids in a separate quart size bag.  If I plan to wash my hair while I'm gone (which I hardly ever do) I have another baggie of shampoo and conditioner that I stick in the quart size bag.  Do yall do this?  It's much easier then packing this stuff every week.

The tile guys that laid our porch slate did not slope it away from our house enough so it was puddling in the middle of the porch.  It wasn't going away for days so it was a problem if we had a big enough rain.  This week they ripped it up and now they are working on laying new slate again.  Never a dull moment!  

All torn up. 

Getting the new stuff down.

On Wednesday we went to Chuy's for dinner and explored the common area of Waverly afterwards.  Molly Anne had the best time and there were some older girls out there doing gymnastics so she played with them.  She went over to them and asked if she could play with them without me telling her to do that which I thought was so cute.   She isn't shy ha!  One of them fell down and she went over and pulled on her arm and said, "let me help you up!"  I love her kind heart!

Mills got his Spring/Summer hairdo yesterday and he is such a little puppy now!  This haircut should maybe last 8 weeks then it'll be time for his paws and nails to be trimmed again!

Kevin started calling him Buzz last night haha!

Pretty boy!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Never a dull moment is right! Thx for sharing all the house-building! So cool to see & helpful to reference / learn about decision making.

  2. Mills looks like a different dog with his haircut! MA looks like she’s been having lots of adventures!

  3. I still have my lacrosse stick from when I played. Hope there is interest from one of my kiddos too!