Thursday, April 12, 2018


One thing we need for our family room is a new chair and we want it to swivel, be comfortable and pretty of course!  My parents have been really wanting to give us a chair for our new house as a (overly kind) housewarming gift so I finally went and looked!
I went to a local shop called Traditions and picked one out last week.  This is the one I think we are going with.  It's by Sherrill which is a furniture company out of Hickory, NC.  We are gathering some pricing from a couple different places and will decide from there.  

Sea Salt 50% is our paint color in this room so we matched that up and found a blue that also pulls from some items on our bookshelves.  We'll always have blue in our house so it was a no brainer that whatever fabric we chose for the chair, had to work with blue...and the sea salt!

I took one of our pillows and a slip cover from our sofa so the designer could be sure it all went together and she says it works.  I think we are going to do the chair in the fabric on the right (with triangles) and maybe do some pillows in the animal print to tie it all together.  I picked out the fabric ha! ;)  We'll see....we may wait on the pillows for now because they are yikes $$ and not incredibly necessary yet!

Next on the furniture list will be a table for our breakfast area.  I found one at another local shop that my friend Hilary told me about but we aren't pulling the trigger on that any time soon.  We've sat at our current breakfast table maybe three times - only when our parents are at our house ha!  The three of us only sit at the island so this isn't a priority.  I probably need to get some curtains in our dining room first...but again hard to spend money on that when we don't even go in there!  There's always something to do when you own a house isn't there?!  


  1. Love the chair! We didn’t have a kitchen table for about four months, which kind of drove me crazy. And then I found one from Target! And we still need window coverings there too; I’m just not sure what we want!

  2. Our sofa & swivel chairs are Sherrill. We got them from Rob’s fraternity brother who owns a store similar to traditions in sc. He said Sherrill will last us until E goes to college & longer if we want! We’ve been happy with how it’s done for the past 5 years!