Thursday, April 5, 2018

Molly Anne Interview

Today I'm on my way back from Maryland.  I've been up here helping my parents out.  Dad had his hip replaced at Hopkins on Tuesday! 


My office is closed Friday and Monday of Easter so it's extra nice to have another day off (even though I still reply to email because most of the world is working).  I got to spend the day on Monday with Molly Anne!

Thought it would be fun to ask her some questions as she plays with her new sparkly play doh!  

How old are you?  2

What's your name?  Molly Anne

Where do you live?  North Carolina

What's your favorite color?  Green and blue

What's your favorite shape?  Triangle

How old is Mama?  2

How old is Daddy?  2, Everybody is 2!

What's your favorite toy?  Robot

What's your favorite thing to do outside?  Green ball

What's your favorite sport to play?  My scooter

Dress or pants/shirt?  Dress

What's your favorite thing to do with Mills?  Play in my glow dome.  

What does Mama always tell you?  To not mess with the buttons on the garage door.  

Who loves you the most?  Mama

Who loves you the second most?  Daddy

Who loves you the third most?  Blankys Cousin

Who loves you the fourth most?  Mills


  1. SO sweet!!! Best wishes to.your Dad for a speedy recovery!!

  2. I love that Blanky's Cousin loves her more than Mills! Hahah...her answers are hilarious. Kid interviews are my favorite.

  3. Aww! So cute! Also sending best wishes for your dad's recovery!❤️