Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Chores around the house.  A really fun topic, huh?!  How does it go down in your house?!  I bet we all do it differently so leave it in the comments how you function!

Since I work too, Kevin and I mostly tag team the chores.  I do more and he will openly admit that but he does more on the work time and financial side of our household...sooooo there's that.  And I have to remember that sometimes instead of getting bitter!  Just keeping it real yall!

He holds the fort down when I travel and he's done this for years.  I hold the fort down when he has to come home and work after working at his office all day.  

Both of us load and unload the dishwasher.  He's the king of putting things away that have been on our counter drying.  Neither of us like dirty dishes in the sink.

Both of us do laundry....he used to do more of that but since I started working from home one day a week, I do more of it.  He does help fold and put away if I do laundry on the weekends.  Otherwise, I try to get it done during the week at nights or on the day I'm home.  

He used to do the yard but we hired a company for our new yard and that's been a huge relief.  

I basically run day to day functions of our house - exterminator, people coming to fix things, any Molly Anne stuff, gifts to give, dealing with utility companies, groceries, keeping up with birthdays etc., winterizing our irrigation, changing sheets, cleaning company for our house, cleaners for clothes, stuff like that.  I do all of that.  

Well full disclosure on the groceries part, Kevin LOVES some Sam's Club so about once a month he goes there and spends way too much and gets a ton of stuff for our house like paper towels, toilet paper, some pre-made meals etc.   

He does all the trash in the house. 

We have one pot of money but for some reason he pays some of the bills and I pay some of the bills.  It all comes from the same place but he's always paid the power bills and I think that's because he pays his office ones at the same time.  I have all the ones I pay set up with our bill pay so I do it instantly.  Neither of us wait to pay a bill.  The second we open the mail, we pay it.  OCD yep! 

Basically we come from the same breed that we like to keep up with things as we go.  We both like a picked up house so we are both pretty tidy in that regard.  We both clean off the island when it's a mess.  We don't leave shoes randomly all over the house.  Stuff like that, we keep things pretty neat, or try to at least!  

So how do YOU do chores and keep up your house?!


  1. I am laughing as i sit here and stare at both my boys shoes laying across my den. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I try so hard to get them to put them in our shoe bucket at the back door. I do most of the inside chores but Patrick does his own laundry (!!) and he helps me with dinner clean up/unloading the dishwasher. I also have a cleaning lady who does a lot of the dirty work. I hate chores. I always say I’m a terrible housewife!

  2. Interesting topic! Joel and I are pretty 50/50. I tend to do all of the laundry, tidying, groceries, cooking, kids stuff and while he will manage the outside, our finances, and then weekend jobs (cleaning the basement/garage, etc). We tag team pretty well though and like to keep up with things so they don’t become one giant list (slash, pain in the ass)

  3. I try to do most of the chores, since I'm at home, but usually my husband steps in and helps, and then it's so nice. He does all the vacuuming and steam cleaning and the yard work too! He also does our bills and taxes, although I pay any bills that come in by mail. One thing that helps is to put everything on auto pay (gas, electric etc). It streamlines things a bit!

  4. My husband works from home so he usually handles the dishwasher loading and unloading. Plus he says I load the dishwasher wrong so he always goes behind me anyways. Prior to being married I always hand washed and dried dishes. I clean bathrooms and vacuum every other week. He handles yard work. We pay bills out of each of our paychecks. I do auto pay for most of my bills and then he uses Quicken. He tried to sign me up for Quicken but I still just check the bank account every morning and enter the updates in my registry. He gets the kiddo ready for school every day and packs her lunches. The only shoes scattered about are also the kiddo's. We both do laundry but I won't let him touch mine because I'm anal about how my laundry is done. Overall I think we've found a good groove!

  5. I'm mainly a stay at home mom and I work from home, so chores and household organization is 95% my job. I also shop for most of the groceries except Costco trips. I can't deal with the crowds so I leave that to my husband. He also does his own laundry. We have most of our bills set to autopay too, so neither one of us has to deal with it.