Monday, April 16, 2018

Girl's Weekend

Friday night Kevin, Molly Anne and I went to a new place called Desano for dinner.  They have good pizza that cooks really quickly!  It was good but I think we still like Inizio better.  Desano has a large space though which makes it easier to take children to in my opinion.  Plus, you're right at Waverly near the big green area so they can run around there afterwards (which is what we did).  

Saturday morning soccer!  

My college girls were in town and they came over on Saturday afternoon to see our house and a couple of them hadn't met Molly Anne yet.  We had a little happy hour before we got ready to go out that night.  Kevin took Molly Anne to dinner with his parents while we went out. 

Far left is Kelly who was my matron of honor in our wedding and we lived together for a few years, Beth is next and she was also in our wedding and we lived together for a few years and Cheryl on the right is also one of our sorority sisters and I lived next door to her for a couple of years!  We hit about every topic possible in the time that we were together haha!  It was so so soooo good to catch up with these girls.  

A future Chi Omega, we hope!!!

We went to Bakersfield for dinner then tried to get a table at Foxcroft Wine Bar outside but it was too crowded.  Yes, I look barefoot but I'm wearing nude TB flops from last year.  Also wearing this shirt (in navy) and the best white jeans ever.  

They decided they wanted to go get a cool view of uptown so we tried Merchant and Trade but we are too old to stand in a line on the street to get in.  Fahrenheit is where we went and had another drink on the rooftop.  It was a beautiful night!  I just loved this time with some of my dearest friends.  We had so many crazy memories in college and we loved reliving those and also catching up about our children and husbands!  

Sunday looked a whole lot like this.  

We had a bad thunderstorm yesterday afternoon so Mills was losing his mind, even in his Thundershirt.  

He acted like a looney dog when Molly Anne woke up from her nap.  That's about when it was all starting.  He ended up getting in her bed, I guess he thought that would comfort him!

We ate popcorn, watched too much Mickey and did a bunch of puzzles!

We ordered Chinese food in and called it an early night!

I ended up staying awake until after 10pm though because the ACM Awards were on.  One of my favorite nights of the year!  I'll have to watch the last half hour tonight before American Idol comes on!  


  1. Completely agree about Desano & Inizio! I was a Desano fan before I went to Inizio ... and after that first Inizio trip, I haven't looked back!!!

  2. Mills in that thunder-shirt is too funny!

  3. What a fun weekend and yay for your time with girlfriends! Poor Mills...hopefully there won’t be another thunderstorm for a long time!

  4. If your DeSano is any connection to the one in Nashville, they will give you a little ball of dough for Molly Anne to play with while you wait on your pizza (they'll bake it, too, if you ask nicely, but ours has usually been dropped on the floor a few times before we get to that point). That's one of the biggest selling points of it to me when taking the kids