Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Grady Update

I'm going to be honest.  Monday was ROUGH.  All Grady did was cry and I couldn't figure out how to calm him other than get in the car and drive around.  Which I did!  I did that last Friday night during the "witching hour" of 7:30-8:30pm.  The hour before we start the bedtime routine.  But Monday it was all day and I was exhausted and felt so defeated.  

He must have gotten the memo because that night he slept from 9:15-1:15 and then didn't get up until 6:30am.  Tuesday night he slept from 9:15 until 3:30 then got up at 6:30.  Finally he only got up once at night.  I'm writing this post on Wednesday so I'm not sure what he will do tonight but Jenn our night nurse is coming so I hope if he has to pick a night to get up twice, it'll be tonight, haha!  

I do think that newborns are a puzzle that you have to figure out.  What formula, how much, what swaddle, how to burp, how often to burp, learning their cries, everything is ever changing too.  And the more they sleep the more they sleep.  But gah, it's hard yall!  

He's probably a little over 11 pounds judging by holding him on our scale.  He is eating really well and a lot.  He's getting easier to burp...I literally have spent hours burping him in the middle of the night.  I keep re-reading Moms on Call in my desperate hours of 3am!  Mom'ing at it's finest.  I'm also being a crazy person about making sure he doesn't get a flat head like Molly Anne.  She had the torticollis which made hers happen but I'm hoping to be on top of all that this time.  

My Mom has heard the brunt of it all and checks in with me every day, a few times a day.  My friend Sarah has heard about every time I've let him cry a little bit.  Just because I felt the need to tell someone that he had a clean diaper, had been fed and burped and I was letting him cry for a little bit.  That has resulted in more sleep, by the way.  She's also the one that when I showed up at her house last Friday night at 7:45pm that poured me a glass of wine and gave me a new swing to take home to try!  And Ms. Becky gave me some amazing tips (and another swing, long story!) on Monday afternoon when my voice was cackling talking about how bad of a day it had been.  

We went to my office on Tuesday for a few hours then to the mall for another hour or two.  It was good to do all of that!  I also got to make a meal for a friend this week which felt normal.  I sold a bunch of Molly Anne's clothes on a local Charlotte mom group on Facebook.  My friend Lisa visited yesterday during the day and my friend Kimmy last night.  I've stayed pretty busy this week.  

That's what is going on around here!  Sweet little Grady is precious and Molly Anne is LOVING being a big sister.  She has been an angel lately and has been so agreeable.  I hope all of this continues! ;)


  1. I hope Grady keeps doing well. Those newborn days are so tough, but I'm glad you at least have a strong support system and that MA is being such a great big sister. You've got this, mama!

  2. You are doing great! Being a mom is so hard, but it sounds like you are rocking it. Also, good for you for asking for help and being honest! It is so refreshing!
    Just a suggestion, with my son, the only way I was able to avoid the witching hour was to let him nap for an hour at 7:00 pm. Then, when he woke up, I fed him and kept him up until about 10:30. Then, I fed him again and put him down and he would sleep until 5 or 6. We avoided the witching hour, I got 6+hours of consecutive sleep, and then the evening nap eventually became bedtime.

  3. I hope Grady keeps up with the one time a night feedings.. I have learned this week that the witching hour is REAL. I thought we were one of the lucky ones that were not going to go through that but no, it's real and it's here for now. Send your tips my way! haha.. He is precious and I am so glad Molly Anne loves being a big sister!

  4. I am sure it cannot be easy, at all! I know my mom will hear the brunt of my baby issues when it's time.

  5. Those first six weeks aren’t fun, but they too shall pass. Hang on mama! You got this

  6. The first months are SO hard, but I know you’re doing a great job!!! BTW, if you have more clothes of Molly Anne’s to get rid of, I’d be interested. She always has the cutest things. I’m in Charleston, SC but wouldn’t mind paying shipping :)