Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dance Camp, Weekend, Joke

Yesterday was Grady's one month well check!  He has gained three pounds and is 9 pounds, 15 ounces and is 21.5" long!  50th percentile for both!  He looks great and is doing really well!  So thankful for that!

Last Thursday, my friend Nina came over to bring us dinner and Grady got to meet her!  

Friday, Molly Anne started a dance camp at the local dance place.  It was so cute.  They do tap and ballet!  I got all of her gear on Amazon!  Outfit, tights, tap shoes, ballet shoes!

They called the children back and down the hall.  Molly Anne went with them and didn't even look back!

This is about the best view we got!  She was so cute though!

And she got a piece of candy and was so excited!

Big sister problems! ;)  A swaddle with bows on it!

Friday night we went next door to swim!  

Grady hung with the boys and this happened!

Molly Anne and Maggie jumped off the hot tub at least 50 times over four hours!

And it caused Molly Anne to consume quite a bit of water evidently because next thing I know, she was sick, in the pool, projectile all water!  Drew used that as a big ole joke and I thought all weekend that their pool guy told them they had to drain the pool and it was going to cost $2,500 to treat it.  I didn't think it sounded right but who am I to argue when it was my child throwing up?!  He even got his pool guy to text him what they were going to do to it and he screen shotted that to Kevin and I .  So for 36 hours I thought we had to stroke a $2,500 check and Drew finally called me Sunday night telling me it was a joke.  Evil!!!!   Kevin, Hilary and Drew were all in on it.  Well, Hilary was threatened to stay in on it because I know she wouldn't do that to me on purpose!  I was so stressed yall!  


Saturday we had a really low key morning. Kevin got us breakfast out and brought it home then took Molly Anne in my car to the car wash. Then he came home and detailed the inside of it.  

We all (Molly Anne, Grady and I) all took an afternoon nap which was much needed.  We finally got dressed and went to an early dinner at Pacos Tacos!  

Can’t miss the fountain afterwards!

We didn’t do much Sunday.  Well I say that but we had a family trip to Target and I kept two kids alive while Kevin cleaned out the workshop in our garage from when we moved in.  I feel like all I do these days is feed Grady ha but tis the season and I love the time with him.  

Cinderella helped with tummy time!  

Molly Anne is doing well with him and not acting out as she was the first two weeks. Whew. Those were tough times.  I swear that was the hardest part of having Grady. It just made me so sad because I know it wasn’t Molly Anne!  

Yesterday I went on a little adventure and I'll have a post up tomorrow about that!


  1. Such sweet pictures! My daughter starts ballet/tumbling next week and I got her the same sweet little leotard from Amazon last week! So precious!

  2. He is looking so strong! MA looks so sweet in her dance gear. I loved your IG post where you called her Sporty Spice. Madison is a sporty spice too ;)

  3. I would have been dying thinking about the $2500! Not only the money, but the pain in the ass it would be to the neighbors. OMG. Kevin and Drew are evil. Ha.


  4. That last snapshot is sibling divine !

  5. Such a perfect little nugget! Loved meeting him!! "that baby is my favorite he's so squishy and sweet"

  6. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe your friends pulled that joke on you. You are a much better sport about it then I would be! It looks like you all still had a fun weekend and I love your blue Lilly dress. You’re looking so great!