Thursday, January 7, 2021

Beach Day in Edisto

On New Years Day we woke up and basically went straight the beach and stayed there until almost 2pm.  It turned out to be 75 and sunny.  Beautiful!  I should have brought clothes for warmer weather for the kids!

I took Grady back to the house for his nap, he stayed with Kevin while Molly Anne stayed at the beach with the big group. I went out to get some shrimp for Low Country Boil that night.  We split dinners up like we did last time we traveling together.  Hilary did fondue, we did low country boil and Kellie did fish tacos (but we missed these due to going home before everyone else to get ready for the week!). 

Went back and the three girls were still playing and loving life!

That night we did the low country boil and hung out.

All of the children!

Good stuff!

We headed back Saturday like I said so we could get ready for the week ahead.  I don't do well coming back late Sunday with a zillion loads of laundry to do, no groceries, exhausted kids/us and heading out to work the next morning to start the chaos of the work week.  Plus I haven't been to my office in two weeks and I need to get straight.  Throw in there some now virtual learning for the week for Molly Anne and gahhhhh!  

Sweet Grady baby on the way home!

Fake sleeping but she did end up sleeping for about 30 minutes!

That's beach tired!

It was such a fun time!  

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  1. It was such a gorgeous day for the beach! Now it's freezing. oy.