Monday, February 1, 2021

Lazy 5 and Top Golf

Happy February 1st! Weekend recap...

My two heading to Grady’s classroom! Fond memories of these two in their school over the years. 

They asked me to take a pic!

Friday night we had spaghetti and got to bed early. I walked with my friend Jen for an hour and a half after the kids were in bed. Mills came for part of it but he can make it more than about a mile and a half. 

The kids and I left the house at 7:30 and headed to Lazy 5. We were early so we stopped through uptown Charlotte and you would have thought we were in NYC. They loved seeing all of the tall buildings and I loved seeing what construction is going on. It’s changed so much from when Kevin and I lived there. I showed the kids our condo building where we met. Thankfully we still have Kevin’s condo with an awesome guy in there renting it! It’s a special building to us. 

We got up to Lazy 5 and this queenie directed us through by reading the map. It’s basically a drive thru zoo but the animals come right up to your car to get fed. I had heard stories about how your car is never the same after feeding animals and I’ll admit that I’m not that into random animals either. So we didn’t feed the animals. And it actually worked out because Grady was terrified in some parts and Molly Anne didn’t care at all. It’s a nice place though and the path through is well maintained. 

Scared! He would grip my arm tighter and tighter depending on where the animals were. 

Molly Anne liked the zebras the best. We didn’t get to see the giraffes. I think we can officially check this off of our list of to do’s around town! ;)

FaceTiming with Nannie and Poppa. Grady takes the reigns these days and loves to take pictures. So I end up with a lot of these in my camera roll afterward. Too cute!

Saturday night we headed out to dinner with our neighbors at Duckworths then met up with more friends and neighbors for a surprised 50th birthday at Top Golf!  Birthday boy and Jen!

My left handed boyfriend!

We had so much fun. 

Some of the ladies!

Draft Miller lite is my jam. I’m sure my parents are proud. Mills is named Miller for a reason!!


You can’t hide your only A+ in college being in golf class. Hahahaha! A hoot. I got second place in our first game. This was the second. 

We did nothing. It rained alllll day long and was cold! We took mills on a couple of rainy walks but that was about it. We played some games, the kids watched too much TV, I meal prepped for the week and we all took naps, well except Molly Anne but she had quiet time in her room. It was a good refresh day and we are ready for the week! 


  1. You all are too cute!!! I would love to hear if you are liking those sneakers? I have had them in my Nordstrom cart for a while now but haven't pulled the trigger yet!

    1. They are sooo comfortable now that they’re super broken in. I wear them every day that I’m not at my office. I want to get another pair for spring...!