Monday, February 15, 2021

Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day at our house was verrrrry low key and fabulous. It was a cold and rainy day so just playing inside was perfect. 

Some gifts for the kiddos and Kevin. He came downstairs early and had gotten me some red roses and Molly Anne some pink tulips!! Grady and I went and grabbed bojangles (because the grease was necessary after a 1am night - more to come) and heart shaped donuts from dunkin. 

We knew we were going to be out late the night before so I had planned ahead and gotten things to do fondue for dinner. I chopped and prepped it all on Saturday so I didn’t have to do much Sunday. Fondue does take a lot of time chopping, cooking, planning out but it’s worth it. This was my first time doing it but I live next door to a professional so I’ve watched her do it several times. 

Cheese fondue - I used this recipe except I didn’t have cornstarch so I read about it online and it said you can use flour as a substitute but to double the amount. The other thing I did was add about 1/4 cup of Miller lite. That’s a trick from the pro. I used freshly grated gyruere, cheddar & gyruere block and some pre shredded creamy cheddar. I prob put more like 3 cups of cheese in it. Anyway, it was really good! We dipped button mushrooms, broccoli, mini white potatoes and smoked sausage (all roasted ahead of time) in it along with french bread cubes.

The kids had fun dipping and then putting it on their plate. 

For the dessert, I used the chocolate recipe from the fondue machine maker (see below). We dipped pound cake, strawberries, nilla wafers and marshmallows!  So good. 

These two lovebirds played so well together and were so sweet. On school nights Molly Anne goes to bed at 6:30 because I wake her up at 6:30am. I usually don’t put Grady to bed until 7 and last night he and I were laying in his bed after reading and he blurts out “I love you so much!” I about died!!! So then I asked if he would say it again so I could record it and he did. Love love love. 

Hope you had a nice weekend! More to come!!

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