Thursday, February 4, 2021


Yesterday was National Golden Retriever Day! But that’s every day at our house! We love our Mills. 

These cuties brushing their teeth on Tuesday night!

Kevin and I cruised to the beach and back on Tuesday. We were only there for an hour and a half! I could get used to this view!

Last minute haircut for Molly Anne at Modern with Ragen!  She has the best hair...I’m jealous!

She asked Ragen for some curls!

Italian salads for dinner last night! 

Used an extreme wellness wrap for the kids with some havarti dill cheese, ham, pepperoni and salami and gave them each half. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Whoa that's a quick day - beach trip!

  2. Live Grady’s blue & white pjs.... where are they from?? And MA does have the BEST hair!