Monday, February 22, 2021

Chill weekend

Pretty chill weekend over here. Mills is still in recovery mode over here and requires short walks on a “short leash.” It’s very exciting.  

He is always wherever I am. On Friday I worked downstairs from Kevin’s office for something different. 

Saturday morning Grady got his haircut by Ragan again and he sat in the chair by himself. He was a good boy and didn’t require any entertainment. 

Then the four of us rode up to Mooresville to pick up Kevin’s old car that hadn’t sold. He’s going to keep that one and sell back the new one he bought. Very confusing and I don’t keep up with all of that mess. He has another one on order that’s coming sometime this summer. A little side hobby of his.  

Young man looking mighty sharp! Molly Anne went to a friends house during Grady’s nap time on Saturday so I went to Target and HomeGoods which was productive. 

Then we played outside for awhile, Kevin picked up Duckworths for dinner and had a little family fun. 

Until these two played in the mud out back while I went to walk Mills. Those rascals. Who looks the guiltiest? I’ll give you one clue - Molly Anne. She was trying so hard not to cry here because I had just told her how disrespectful it was when I had explicitly told them not to do that!! Grady has mud on his face. Needless to say they both got hosed off and into the bathtub. 

After baths! This is such a good pic of all three!

We didn’t do a ton on Sunday. Kevin made French toast for breakfast, I worked out during Grady’s nap, Molly Anne did legos, Grady put slime in his hair. Kevin googled how to get it out so thank you Dawn dish detergent for making that happen. Slime is never allowed in our house but it was a party favor from Molly Anne’s birthday party on Saturday. It was thrown away immediately after the hair incident. Gosh I really sound like a super fun mom after this blog post. I know, my kids lead very awful lives because they don’t play in mud or with slime!!!

Some sunshine after naps and before dinner! 

ANYWAY! Hope you all have a great week! 

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  1. Slime isn't allowed in my house either - I mean we don't have kids lol - but even friends kids/nieces and nephews know. Hard no.