Monday, February 8, 2021

Super Bowl Weekend

We had a fun weekend!

Starting with Thursday morning. She looked so cute in her Bella Bliss dress and she knew it! ;)

On Friday when we picked up Grady, he had had a fun day talking about the Super Bowl in his class! One of his friend’s dads brought in eye black stickers. How cute right?! 

Not to be out done! This is Bella Bliss too but no longer on their website!

It was 55 and sunny so the kids played in the driveway when we got home. Mills really enjoys the bubbles hahah. 

Saturday morning Kevin took Molly Anne on their breakfast date and we had our own at home! 

Then we went to pick up groceries and drive around to look at construction equipment!! He loves his John Deere hat his aunt and uncle gave him! He puts it on all by himself!

We got home from the store and I spent 15 minutes washing and drying and chopping and I can’t tell you how that makes my life easier during the work week!

And when you set these things out, they flock to get some!!

Then we got to go to a drive through birthday party for our friend Savannah who turned 8! 

It was so cute and fun and we loved saying happy birthday to her! It’s always such a treat to see Courtney and her family! My two loved the cupcakes they got to enjoy after their dinner that night!

This boy is doing forward rolls down Molly Anne’s gymnastics wedge. 

Sunday morning workout. I think I’m getting close to being at the point where I can be on my bike while they roam around the house playing. For about 3 years I haven’t been able to do anything unless a little mister was asleep or Kevin had him. But this little picture below showing them doing planks (which I wasn’t even doing) speaks volumes to me. They’re always watching!

Super bowl food! Kevin made a fire and we all hung out on the back porch. We had a jalapeƱo cream cheese dip, Buffalo chicken dip, Texas caviar and mini cheeseburger sliders off the grill. Our neighbors joined us for a bit too! 

Grinding this week at work. 

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  1. So fun! We LOVE Bella Bliss at our house, such great quality and classic designs! I'm still in the camp of not being able to workout unless someone is sleeping, or Dad is helping :)!