Thursday, February 25, 2021


 1. This week we have had three days of BEAUTIFUL weather and it's been so refreshing at a time when I needed it most. It's been 65 degrees or warmer Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday I picked up the kids super early and we played outside for hours until right before dinner. Then I've gone back outside and walked with my friend Jen every night after bedtimes. 

2. January and February have been incredibly draining covid wise and not being able to be outside. Something about March seems good and new. I'm excited. Hoping we can start having girls nights outside again!

3. Grady goes to the dentist for the first time tomorrow so that's sure to be an adventure. And his dentist is only in the office on Fridays right now so that means Molly Anne will be with us as well.  Good times. I usually try to always do their doctors appointments etc with just one child and I but this should be fine with her being there too. She will encourage him on.

4. I have been so sore lately from doing peloton strength stuff. I was getting bored from straight cardio so I've def been upping my strength time. I've also found it's fun to stack classes - like do a 20 min run on the treadmill, 20 min on the bike then 20 min strength. That would def be a weekend workout but you know what I mean.

5. Every day this week Grady has taken a monster truck or stuffed animal in to show his teachers then I bring it to the car for the day. I remember Molly Anne going through this same stage and it's so cute. 

6. I'm working with a new client out of Winston-Salem but we are doing projects all over the east coast and midwest. It's been fun to do some deals in locations I've not worked in before. It's funny, I live in Charlotte, but after 14 years I'm wrapping up my first Charlotte project. Everything else has been pretty much out of state. Oh what it was like to travel every week!

7. We have fun plans on Saturday and I'm excited for a change of pace to get to do that. Something to look forward to.

Happy Thursday!

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