Friday, February 19, 2021

Five on Friday

My new fav picture of my fav little people. Molly Anne’s dress is Boden and her leggings are Luigi from Shutterbugs in Raleigh (good online website!). Grady’s shirt is J.Bailey and his pants are Luigi from Shutterbugs. Trying to get better about telling y’all where their clothes are from because I get emails sometimes asking! :)

If you don’t have a squirt bottle then buy one. My kids have LOVED this little thing and it’s provided endless quiet moments. I have it to spray fresh wreaths and boxwoods but they found a better use for it - “cleaning” their outdoor equipment.  

Another day after school playing outside - she got her old bike out and got him learning to peddle! He loves it. I know what he’s getting for his birthday!

Stud status. He picked out his shirt and 1/4 zip this week to wear. Both are VV. 

She asked me to pick her up from school on Tuesday through carline instead of going to after school so I did and we had time to go for a nice walk! Kevin grabbed Grady so that was a huge treat for all too!

Mills had surgery yesterday (done by a wonderful sorority sister) so we are on nurse duty today and the next couple of days. He will be okay. He had most cysts taken off. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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