Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Hilary's Birthday

On Saturday night we pulled off the surprise of a lifetime for someone who is always interested in what everyone else is up of those really good friends that knows about what's going on with everyone all of the time! We surprised Hilary for her 40th! 

Drew took her out for drinks and his parents were "watching the girls at their house then would bring them home before bed time!" What really was happening was his parents were bringing the girls back over and I had booked a babysitter to keep them because Drew's parents are awesome and helped us set up! Leah and Todd, Kellie and Michael came over and we had two and a half hours from the time they left to get it all set up. Keep in mind, it was POURING down rain all day. Most of the stuff was at our house next door so we just had to get it over there and put together. The guys set up tents and heaters and made the fire. The girls decorated and got it all set up. It was a blast!  Some other friends arrived at 5:30pm but we did keep it very small (and mostly outside) for obvious covid reasons. 

Kellie had the great idea of a southern theme! We ordered 521 bbq. Kellie made this amazing southern charcuterie board, Leslie made deviled eggs and Katie made corn dip.  It was all delish!  Gail made a cake that was strawberry flavored - Hilary's favorite. 

She was so surprised - it was AMAZING!!! 

Time to party on down to celebrate being 40 years young!

I'll save the rest of the pictures, not for a public blog! We had a GOOD time!

We had the best time celebrating her big day that is in a couple of weeks! CHEERS to Hilary!!

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