Friday, February 12, 2021

Four on Friday - Idea for Grady, Easter Prep, Valentines, Work Clothes

It's Friday! And it's going to be a great weekend minus all of the rain! Yesterday morning I walked outside to take Mills at 6am and I heard the birds chirping and smelled a little Spring starting to brew. I cannot WAIT until March - for the weather, for my parents to be 3 weeks after their 2nd vaccine (aka I can see them again and not worry like a maniac), and to share some big news from our household! Has to do with a picture I posted recently but I don't want to jinx it so I will be quiet for now!!

How cute is this? My Dad sent this to me a few weeks ago and I'm definitely going to do it with Grady. 

Molly Anne has a little pink treat bucket like this but I need to get Grady one now that he can walk and run around.  It's the best size for Easter Egg Hunts!  My kids have this basket for the EB to fill with gingham liners! Molly Anne has white and Grady has natural. 

Speaking of gift baskets - do you all get your kids little gifts for Valentines? I do get them each a few things - a book, a little toy and something creative to do. It's just a little something and they get a lot of joy out of any holiday!  This year I ordered some Usborne books for them. I also got Molly Anne this unicorn painting activity and this set of pens that my friend Sarah recommended. I grabbed this magnetic pretend play for Grady and this Cowboy dress up as well. Melissa and Doug can do no wrong.

PS - I was able to snag a Fondue Pot from Target drive up and we are going to do fondue for dinner on Sunday night! Cheese and chocolate. I'll report in on Monday!

I am having the hardest time finding work clothes. J. Crew just doesn't have anything. I'm sure it's because not many people are working in offices these days. I'll be sure to let yall know if I find anything good. I need to get out of my comfort zone and I plan to do that. Every February and March I go through the - "I have nothing to wear" every morning when I'm getting ready. Anyone else?!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, I’m guessing you bought a beach house!!!! I’m sure you cannot wait for your parents to have the 2nd vaccine! I feel the same way. Have not seen our in laws in over a year. Missing out on precious time.

  2. Yes to “I have nothing to wear” during this time of year!! I moved to the south from NY. In the north, you have defined seasons. In the south, not so much, and the mixed weather drives me crazy with work clothes! 6 years in, I’m still struggling. Just hit up J Crew at the outlets and nabbed a few things. Their non-outlet store is just meh right now though!