Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Spring Summer Girls

A huge happy birthday to Kevin!!! We are celebrating tonight so I’ll be sure to share pictures soon! He’s the king of not loving his birthday or wanting to do much for it!! We will still celebrate anyway! The kids love it probably way more than he does! ;)


It’s February and I’m counting down the days to better weather. I shouldn’t complain too much - yesterday was 67 and sunny in the late afternoon. Such a treat to see that sun here in Charlotte!

Some new catalogs coming in have caught my eye for Molly Anne! 

This skort from Boden! I let her circle everything she liked in that catalog and she circled almost every pattern of this! 

I saw this swimsuit and it is right up her alley! My friend Margot suggested it for an Easter basket treat and I think that is a perfect idea!

This super cute sundress from Bella Bliss. I know Molly Anne’s blue eyes would pop wearing this! It’s a great dress for beach pictures and ranges in sizes 12month to 12year so good on all ages. 

Molly Anne is so into hearts and I showed her these shorts and she said, “YES!”  They also have them in yellow with blue ric rac!

Eeeek I cannot wait for warmer weather, patio sitting and evening walks when it isn’t arctic! And no more corona! 

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