Thursday, February 11, 2021

Kevin’s Birthday

Yesterday was Kevin’s birthday and we celebrated best we could with it being a weekday! Molly Anne has been counting down the days for his big day! She made him a card weeks ago! It was so sweet. 

We gave him a Barbour jacket...a true classic he will have forever - this one! It looks really good on him!

We celebrated with his dinner of choice - Jim and Nicks bbq!  And I got chocolate peanut butter cupcakes from a gal nearby that makes the most delicious desserts. They were amazing!  This pic cracks me up with Mills’ tongue and Grady’s mouth. 

Kevin’s parents were with us and it was fun. They saved the day by picking up dinner for us. I had to get on a last minute call for work so they ran over to grab it. Whew. 

Molly Anne had just gotten out of the shower haha. 

Happy Birthday to my Kevin!! We love you so much!

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