Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was wonderful! The kids at ages 7 and 4 are super into it and love it all. Grady really understood it a lot more this year and fully got it! That definitely made it more fun!

Santa delivered on the American Girl gymnastics set, dog house and backpack! And for Grady - race track, Paw Patrol Sub Controller and a hot wheels downhill race track! Other big highlights were a rocket launch center lego set for Molly Anne and an air hockey table for Grady, from my parents. 

The joy is SO special!

We got a bit dressed up and had dinner - Cream of Crab Soup and Maryland Crab Soup! Both delish and such a treat. Dad brought crabmeat down from Maryland. I had also gotten some cocktail shrimp from Carolina Fish Market the day before to have. And I made another Christmas tree charcuterie board! It was a feast!

The twins, plus Mills!

Mom and Dad and their favorite puppy! ;)

These are my people. 


After everything settled down for the day, Kevin and I went upstairs and changed into beach clothes and came back down to surprise the kids with their own bathing suits to use on a trip coming up! We are heading to Turks and Caicos (Beaches) with a couple of other families and they are SO excited! We've known about the trip for awhile and had already gotten them passports! They're going to LOVE it. They were jumping up and down. We watched a few youtube videos of the resort to get extra excited!

It was a fun day full of memories!

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