Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Random Wednesday

Everyone getting into the holiday spirit? It’s a crazy time of year for all!

1. I was telling my mom the other day just how magical it is this year with my kids being ages 4 and 7. They get it. They understand how fun everything is and remember alllll of the things! I want to bottle these ages up because I know it’s going to change soon. They both still want “toys” and not the small expensive stuff. They are just at the perfect age. Every morning it’s soooo fun with Achy the Elf. I’ve had to really put my thinking cap on because they both remember what he did last year! Trying to change it up for them!

2. A simple thank you or compliment can go a long way these days. Children are watching and learning! Hold the door for the person behind you. Molly Anne runs around “filling people’s buckets” as she calls it by giving people compliments. It’s a good thing. That’s her deal that she learned about in first grade from her amazing teacher and it’s so so good. Grady’s thing is to hold and open doors for the ladies. I love it so much and always compliment him on being a gentleman! Makes him do it more! ;)

3. Anyone else feel like they’re going crazy with this class party at this time and this sign up genius for that and this child has to wear this particular thing on this day. Oh yikes does he have dress shoes for this. Allllll of the things that us mamas have to remember and do for this wild world we live in these days. I have lots of lists and things on my calendar to attempt to stay sane. 

4. Oh and work. Yeah that. 

5. I finished most of my Christmas shopping the first week of November and I will say, it’s made the last couple of weeks much more pleasant. I also decorated a bit slower this year. It wasn’t an overwhelming ahhh I have to get all of this house decor up in a day. It was a gradual week making it happen at nights and it made me so much happier. 

6. I need to start planning my week of meals of Christmas. We have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day settled because we always eat the same things. But I need to figure out the other days around there. 

7. Does anyone else use the Notes section on your phone? That’s how I do life other than my Outlook calendar. I write a list for everything on there. Keeps my mind right. Christmas list, meal list, to do list, etc and I can look at it any time, including at a stop light. I do lots of thinking as I burn up the streets of Charlotte on a daily basis!

Chat soon! 

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  1. Number 7!!! I am ALL about my notes app in conjunction with my Outlook calendar; we use the Cozi app for our family calendar, but I love love love Notes and have felt like I am the only person out there who uses it this way. Happy to know you do too!