Saturday, December 24, 2022

Christmas Randoms

Just some pictures from the past week!

Grady was insistent that his Nannie and Poppa pick him up from pajama day at school on Wednesday! 

Mills and his best friend! Not sure who loves who more ha!

My parents! 

Kevin sent me this from the Polar Express. I don’t want to forget it because he always hugs me like this to keep me warm when I don’t have a coat in the mornings walking into his school! He says, “I’ll keep you warm mama!” Sweet boy!

This morning we made snickerdoodles which is what I grew up making. Well, fudge of course too. We made that earlier in the month but honestly it didn’t come out well this year! I had one good batch and three dry batches! Bummer. 

Molly Anne and Grady also made their reindeer food this morning - oats and glitter! First time we’ve ever made it because it always comes from school ha! Grady’s class made it but he didn’t go to school the last two days this week! 

We are ready for Santa!

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