Monday, December 19, 2022

Nutcracker and Uptown

We had a busy weekend!!

Started with an extra fun car line drop off at the elementary school! Handed out peppermints and there was fun music playing!

The four of us went to dinner at the club that night and saw one of Grady’s school friends there. 

Saturday morning I took the kids to see the Harris YMCA nutcracker at cpcc! We got to watch Ella who swims with Molly Anne and her Mom is one of my friends!

Even grady enjoyed it! It was 1.5 hours so very doable for a 4 year old boy!

Afterwards we had lunch at Ru Ru’s in myers park then headed uptown to do our annual uptown adventure. Aka valet at the Ritz for 20-30 minutes and go look at the decor in their lobby and some of the corporate towers! 

Oh and take pics in front of the same tree I’ve taken Molly Anne’s picture in front of for 8 years now! 

Back to the Ritz to see their amazing gingerbread display. 

We scooted home to grab Kevin and take him to get a new car - the bronco he’s been waiting on for two years!

Yesterday we went to The Polar Express. More to come on that!

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  1. He is going to LOVE the Bronco!! It will be so fun at the beach too!!!