Thursday, December 15, 2022

Kids Stocking Ideas

Girls and boys stocking ideas in this post! It’s always the last thing I do and this year I got smart and looked at what I had prior to going out to look for things! What a concept right?! I had plenty for Molly Anne but not enough for Grady. And my goal this year was not to have overflowing stockings. Here is what I think is fun!

ONE - any hidden treasure is always a good thing 

TWO - accessories for American Girl but $8

THREE - bring on all of the pampering for my little girlie girl 

FOUR - space plus bath bomb count Molly Anne in. Lots of options to choose from!

FIVE - this will work for either of them but probably more geared to Molly Anne, age 7. She will make Grady play with her though!

SIX - oh yes stunt bike. 

SEVEN - boy version - dinosaurs!

EIGHT - books are always part of stockings over here. 

NINE - glow rider monster trucks

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