Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Lunch Dinner Ideas

Now I’m not the professional lunch packer in my house because I only pack her lunch once a week. Julie  packs it the rest of the time when she brings Molly Anne home from school. Anyway, I made her lunch Sunday night and figured I’d snap a picture. It always helps me to get ideas from others. 

Molly Anne decided she wanted to have a rainbow competition with me this week. She’s making a rainbow checklist for us for each day and we each have to eat every color of the rainbow. She knocked every color off yesterday during lunch! 

These are the crackers in her lunch above. They’re SO good. Check them out. 

Here is a little meal plan for the week. Always subject to change. 

Sunday - no one ate with me for various reasons so I had salmon and Brussels in my air fryer. Yes the air fryer is new to me and I have loved using it. I didn’t want another appliance but so far I must admit, I’ve enjoyed cooking in it. And this salmon recipe is amazing, thanks Hilary! 

Monday - Greek chicken bowls 

Tuesday - taco Tuesday - beef nachos probably!

Wednesday - my friend Ashley sent me this honey chicken recipe that I’m going to try! She’s an awesome cook so I’m sure it’s delish. 

Thursday - probably spaghetti and a salad but I haven’t gotten there yet. I like to have one flexible meal that I can use the following week in case we decide to go out one night. 

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  1. OH that honey chicken looks GOOD, I'm going to try that this week