Monday, December 13, 2021

Gingerbread Day

We’ve had such a busy last week. 

Starting with last Wednesday and Grady’s last soccer shots of the season. Coach Dany was so good with the children and Grady had a blast!

Thursday after school we met up with one of Molly Anne’s old friends from the 3’s class at Ballantyne to check out the gingerbread lane. 

Ordering his own hot chocolate of course!

Annual photo in front of this tree!

We dropped Grady at home, had a quick dinner then she and I went to the elementary school gingerbread house night. They provided houses and each family decorated one. It was so fun and festive. 

She worked hard on every detail of what she created!

She named hers The Gingerbread Church and entered the contest to win! ;)

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