Friday, December 17, 2021

Five on Friday

Most Tuesdays while Molly Anne is at Jazz, Grady and I scoot/run through Providence Country Club. It has been our little fun thing to do together and he loves it SO much. 

The biggest snowman in front of jazz!

My sweet child who is mesmerized by Achy the Elf and what he does every night. She runs downstairs every morning soooo excited to see what he’s gotten into. The magic is real and I’m here for it! These years are short and I love every minute. 

Night out with two of my favs. Foxcroft then Porters House. You’ll notice a theme of my week shortly. It was festive and exciting to be out on a Wednesday night with Hilary and Kellie!

My company party was canceled last minute due to a covid case in the office. Thankfully I had only been at my office for a total of three hours for the week at the time they found out and I hadn’t been around the person at all…or anyone that had been around them. Anyway, Kevin and I took advantage of Bella having the children and we went to Foxcroft for a glass of wine then to Porters House for a delicious dinner. When the owner sits down and hangs with you, you know you’re at a good spot. Always so good. 

Yep I had a Diet Coke haha. It was just what sounded good!

Fun night out with my Kevin!

Then we went to Target to get more wrapping supplies and to scour the toy aisles for one last thing for Molly Anne. Didn’t find anything and remembered I hadn’t gotten her legos so I accomplished that on Amazon. 

Grady enjoyed checking out the nativity scene as we walked to his classroom this morning!

Cardio tennis this morning and tried out four new racquets. Still trying to decide!

It’s a beautiful day in Charlotte. 75 degrees and sunny. We are heading to a patio for dinner! Have a great weekend everyone! 

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  1. So jealous of your weather! It hit 55 at our house today and felt so nice!!