Friday, December 3, 2021

Five on Friday - Elf, Tree

Achy is back! And he brought the Lego advent calendar! Grady doesn’t remember Achy so that’s been fun to see him get excited each morning. Although he doesn’t care nearly as much about it as Molly Anne. Molly Anne told me last night that she isn’t quite sure about Elfs flying! Yikes! I’m expecting many more questions this year. Gotta be quick replies. Child is with it!!

Grady’s reaction! Check out the tucked in t shirt. He dressed himself! ;)

I was on a call for work at soccer shots for Grady on Wednesday and I hear Molly Anne scream, “You’re always in my heart Grady!” …when he was out on the field playing. All of the parents looked at her and were like awwwww. I was like Molly Anne that’s so sweet but shhhh, the boy is trying to play soccer!! Hahah! Thankful for their friendship though! She is his biggest fan!

Bible study ornament exchange! Love these friends. Some of my first in Charlotte! And met most of them through blogging back in the day! 

Got our tree on Wednesday night!

Yep I’m barely alive this week and my looks show it. 

Then we rolled by a favorite decorated home! Grady didn’t remember this house either! He loved it though. 

Got home and the tree made it inside. 

And Molly Anne helped me string 6 strands of lights!!!

In awe!

Last night we decorated it with some ornaments. I’m not putting them all up this year! I know I know. 

And the lady at the tree place made me the most gorgeous wreaths! Gosh they look low but that’s where I always place them and they’re in the right spot as you look from the road. 

Chat soon!!

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