Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Santa Brunch

Our Christmas cards arrived yesterday at 4pm and we worked on them for an hour after dinner and they were stuffed, sealed, stamped and address stamped in an hour. Molly Anne and Kevin both helped me so much. It felt so accomplishing to get that knocked out! 

Our club puts on the most adorable Santa brunch each year and this one was just as fabulous! We were the first reservation and Santa was already there so we got some extra special one on one time with him before anyone else was there! He was soooo sweet to the children. Grady even jumped right on his lap!

Molly Anne adding a tie die dinosaur pop it to Grady's list because she knew he wanted one!

Molly Anne's dress // undershirt // socks // shoes

Grady's shirt is J. Bailey and his cords are Luigi from Shutterbugs

They wrote lists of what they would like and put them in Santa's mailbox! I didn't ask Molly Anne to make one for Grady but she did anyway. It was cute.

They had a huge candy table set up for the children in the lobby. Sugar!!

Four blonde cuties!

One last hug for Santa. 

We ended up spending the afternoon playing outside in the 70 degree temps with our neighbors then all 8 of us went to eat mexican for an early dinner. Good day for sure!

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