Monday, April 24, 2023


One day last week before work and school, Grady and I had to return something at Target and he asked to go check out the toy aisle. I said yes even though I needed to move along because these are the little things that matter. He was sooooo excited to check everything out!

A boy who needs to be groomed but waiting on his paw to heal where he had radiation. I love when he crosses his paws like this though. 

Friday night we went to Inizio for pizza and then to Lowe’s and got some flowers. You know Grady had to get on the John Deere!

We came home and played out back while I planted everything. It didn’t take me long at all and flowers are so rewarding and fun to have. By the way, this flavor of Polar is so good and refreshing! Kellie and Michael stopped by and we hung on the porch for awhile and the kids watched a movie. 

Saturday we headed to a new place called Open Tap to celebrate my friend Margot’s birthday! It was super fun. They have an awesome outdoor area, kids room, food truck and the concept is just cool. Just sparkling strawberry lemonade in Molly Anne’s hand…not rose! ;)

Then we met the boys at Grady’s tee ball game! He hit a killer ball when we were walking up so I’m glad we were there to see it. He’s getting good at teeball and it’s been cool to see his progression!

The twins having some chill time. 

Saturday evening we went over to our club last minute. Ended up seeing a favorite friend of Molly Anne’s and got to meet his parents there. That was a good thing. We had some friends stop by after that and the kids were in bed early!

Sunday we had a big day - last lacrosse for Molly Anne’s season and a special Wounded Heroes event. 

Happy Monday!

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