Thursday, April 27, 2023

Thursday Finds

ONE - I got this dress in the mail this week and I must say, it’s a winner. I sort of got it because I could match Molly Anne and also because it was so reasonable for a dress I could wear pretty often. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like it. 

TWO - love this top with jean shorts or jeans. It looks temperature cool for the summer. 

THREE - I have a belt that I use all of the time to walk or run in the neighborhood (or at whatever sports practice I’m watching/walking during). If you don’t, you need one! Yes, I prefer pockets in my fav leggings below but this is a good option if you’re wearing shorts in the summer. 

FOUR - I know these leggings are expensive but honestly I’ve worn my navy and black ones to death and they still look brand new. I know I’m not supposed to dry them but I do and they still are perfect. I have a pair of Zella leggings in a similar color and even with my big ole leggings they look cool. I’d wear with navy, black, white or pink on top! 

FIVE - anyone need to give a good Mother’s Day gift to a friend, mom or mom in law? This wreath is so pretty and a classic for a long time! 

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