Monday, August 22, 2022

Week in OIB

We spent the last 10 days in Ocean Isle. Kevin went home for a few days to work but otherwise the kids and I hung at the beach. I didn't have child care for the week so this just made sense and I mostly kept up with my work at the same time. Always a circus. 

Last Monday we went to Myrtle Beach to take the kids to a passport appointment. We don't have any travel plans yet but we wanted to be able to go somewhere the four of us. There aren't any appointments in Charlotte and since both parents have to be in person, it made sense to just get it done while we were out of town. It was easy enough. Then we relived Kevin's young years by taking the kids to the strip where he used to go when he was there age. We had lunch at Landshark (don't put it on your list) and then rode the Skywheel. They loved it!

Grady doesn't look like he loved it but he really did. They're always up for an adventure. 

On Tuesday, Kevin went home to work so I took these two rascals to the end of year Luau that OIB put on at the town park. 

Coloring their crabs carefully. Grady has gotten a lot better at coloring and really taking his time. John Deere crab of course. 

Then we went to the local coastal museum in OIB. They had gone last year but they really loved it this time. 

This volunteer was soooo good with the children at the touch tank! They got to feed the horseshoe crabs and other animals. So fun and a great experience. 

We even got sunset slush one night after dinner and baths! 

On Thursday we got to play with my friend Ashley's girls. They were in town for the week and we got to see them several times over the week. I grew up with Ashley and she is one of my oldest and best friends. It's always good to be with her. 

We went to Sharky's for dinner and I finally got the tuna tower. Sooooo good. And that's the remnants of the PJ Margarita which is always high on my list there!

The four of us walked around the new marina checking out the boats when we heard live music from 59 Causeway. Typically it's a breakfast place but they've randomly been opening their bar for drinks. 

We loved hanging out there and the vibe was wonderful. Until grady did a back flip down their 7 stairs. He was watching the guitar player set back up and kept walking backwards until he back flipped down. He was okay but it just scared him. I watched the whole thing in slow motion and I couldn't get there fast enough. It was crazy but thankfully he was totally fine! He's a walking mess!

Then we stopped by Ashley's house and hung with her fam for a bit! Her dad made us marlin moon martinis which were amazing!

Saturday we hung at the beach with Hilary, Drew, Gee and the girls. It was a beautiful day and the water was so calm. We even had a dolphin show with them driving along the coast. 

King of the beach!

Saturday night we headed to dinner at Jinks again. We love the tiki bar and the live music they have on Saturday nights. We had the same waitress as last Saturday. 

Yesterday morning I ran on the beach which is always one of my favorite things to do. I did a Carrie Underwood peloton run and loved it. 

Zero breeze and I was a mess. So hot and humid out!

Back to the grind this week. Today Grady has meet the teacher and Molly Anne has a dentist appointment. Molly Anne has one more week of summer. Grady starts school in the 4's tomorrow. Crazy days! Next week starts some normalcy thankfully. I'm in desperate need ha!

Talk soon friends!

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