Monday, August 1, 2022

Weekend at Home

We were home this weekend and it was honestly SO nice. Kevin’s Uncle Chris visited Thursday to Saturday and we had the best time being with him. We stayed up soooo late both nights so early bedtime was necessary last night!

This is what the kiddos did while waiting for him to arrive! She’s trying to teach him math hahah!!

Friday during the day, Kevin took Chris to Noble Smoke for lunch then they drove around town and saw how much it had changed since he was last here. Kevin also got to show him one of his offices. Good quality time together. 

That night we went to our club and had so much fun. We saw a bunch of our friends and got to introduce Uncle Chris to them. 

We had such a nice visit with him. We really love hanging with him and wish we lived closer!!

Saturday I took the kids to the neighborhood pool for hours and met up with friends there. 

Saturday night we went out with Brad and Shauna. First we got to meet Reece! Their newest cutie! The boys…

Then we went to downtown Monroe for a concert that some of their high school buddies were performing. Band is called One Big Love! We hopped around to a couple of breweries first then headed to The Courthouse where the band played. It’s a self pour place and it cool. 

We noticed while walking around that both of the guys had the same shoes on. Then Shauna goes well I guess we shouldn’t talk much and we had the biggest laugh!!!

Ken and Gary met up with us too.

Love birds!!!

With the lead singer!

Sunday I took the kids to our club’s pool and we had lunch and stayed for 5 hours! Hilary and Greer met us too. Grady met many new friends because the child walks up to anyone and says, “wanna play football” while holding the beach football that my parents got him. It is adorable. 

This was Grady at 6:40pm. He gone. Night night little boy!

Happy Monday! PS I cannot believe that today is August 1st y’all!!

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  1. We are beach weekenders too, and sometimes that weekend at home is SO nice! I know I'll be kicking myself for saying that come the fall and winter! Looks like it was a great time - I've never been to a "self pour" brewery - how cool!